Career Advise



1. Grab the opportunity


A cushy job with great pay benefits is not going to fall in your lap. You have to work hard and earn it. Many college students make the mistake of waiting around for the perfect opportunity to come by. However, instead of waiting for it comes, you take a step towards it. You can start looking even before you graduate. You can study and work at the same time, as many B-schools allow you to work while studying.


2. Planning


Things work out when you have a plan. Have a strong plan for what to do after your graduation. You will be on the right path. Another advantage of having a plan is that if things happen a little slowly, you will not get flustered as you have a plan of action to rely upon.


3. Why having fear


You lose half the battle when you are scared of the situation. Struggles are normal at the beginning of the career. Some people don’t understand their work immediately, while others have to work under difficult managers. All professionals go through a baptism of fire but come out better, more experienced. The challenge is not to get scared of challenges and face them head-on.


4. Work on your learning


Don’t be content with just what you have learned in your degree. You can take additional courses that complement your degree or make you more marketable and employable. Companies also prefer candidates who have more than just a degree. They are looking for versatile people. Therefore, through the power of knowledge, transform yourself into the candidate they are looking for.


5. Clear your Vision


We all want to aim for a particular career, and when things don’t go accordingly, those dreams are abandoned. However, with perseverance, you can achieve this dream career. Therefore, don’t give up on your dreams that easily. There are many chances you will get to achieve your dreams, all you have to do persevere.


6. Be a Master What you do


Simply having a degree is not enough, you also have to be good at your work. Most people run after success, and while doing this, they let go of their talents. However, if you concentrate on doing well, you will get noticed, your work will be appreciated, and success will automatically come to you.


7. Take Interest and start Love your work


A disturbing statistic is that around 80% of people working are unhappy with their job. Imagine, almost all people who have a job would rather be doing something else. Therefore, make sure you are not a part of this statistic. Do only what you love. Your career goals will become more achievable.


8. Spread your area of Work


If things don’t happen for you, just go out and make them happen. If you interact with successful people, you will learn that most of them have made things happen for themselves instead of just waiting around. This go-getter attitude makes things happen. Go and meet people, call and ask for opportunities, follow up with previous opportunities. Something is bound to happen.


9. Become Technologically Advanced


Most professions now require knowledge of technology. Research all the technology like software and programs related to your profession and become proficient in them. You will be at an advantage and you will become a preferred candidate over other applicants.


10. Learn from Failures


Outlook makes a difference. While some people negatively see failures, you can see it positively and learn from the mistakes made. As a famous saying goes, a master has failed more times than the number of attempts a student has made. View failure as an opportunity to grow.


11. Stay Healthy


Health matters a lot. After college, many students let go of their health and pay a heavy price later on. Your dream requires hard work, and for you to be able to do hard work, you need to be in good health. Companies nowadays also look at a candidate’s health if the position has medical benefits. Plus, good health helps you remain positive.

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